Jan 7, 2022

Today, I am very pleased to fulfill one of my long-cherished dreams in my life. It makes me feel very happy that I have successfully completed my doctoral program at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a leading and prestigious academic institution in China.

When  I decided to pursue my doctoral study in China, some of my colleagues and friends asked me the reasons of my choice.  I  politely reminded them an old saying, which is very famous among the Muslims: "If you want to gather real knowledge, go to far-reaching China".

In reality, since my childhood,  I had an ardent desire to study China very closely. Today, I feel, it is China, which in the next few decades, will lead the world in many sectors.  Therefore, as the government servants of Bangladesh, we need some preparations.  I personally believe that my Chinese experience has enhanced my capacity to deal and negotiate with Chinese counterparts in the near future.

I am much influenced by Chinese  President  Xi Jinping's  ' Belt and Road initiative '  idea, which improves people-to-people connectivity among China and other countries. I do believe it is more about exchanges of social and human capital.  Now,  I am very pleased that from my Chinese experience, I could implement this great theme in several jointly­ collaborated partnership programs between  Chinese and  Bangladeshi organizations both in the public and private sectors.

Now my perceptions about China have totally changed. I am confident that Bangladesh has many learning points from China as we had common challenges few decades ago. China has overcome but we are still struggling. This is mainly a new knowledge for me about China.

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