Jan 7, 2022

Studying abroad is an experience that every scholar desires to have. Visiting another nation is deemed to be a worth encounter,  however, pursuing studies abroad is viewed as extraordinary. Stepping off the plane after what is by all accounts the longest of flights to China from Kenya, a country that is in no way like my own, was so freeing, exciting and full of hope.

September 2016 was the month and the year I landed to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China ready to start a new chapter of my academic journey. As expected of everyone who travels away from their family to a new place, new culture and new to everything, the first days were full of stress and anxiety to a level where I even contemplated of going back to my home country, some point to an extent of questioning my decision. I really didn't think I was going to survive three years away from home, however, in any case, I knew deep from my heart that furthering my studies abroad was something I've generally ached to do. The first week seemed like a year but things settled, my mind finally captured the reality of being away from home, took the decision quite positive and vow to myself to give it my best shot and ensure that I graduate on time. For the first time in my life, I let go and genuinely lived in the moment.

After we were settled at Huahong Apartments and every other aspect of the admission process was finished,  we embarked on orientation, too excited to listen to everyone or anything, so we had to learn as days went by. At this point, it was quite clear in my mind that a decision had been made and that there was no turning back. After orientation,  we started learning Chinese language. It was quite interesting and important.  Even though English language was a challenge to many Chinese people that I met, I enjoyed my classes than I expected. Surprisingly,my lecturer spoke very clear English and this made my life in class much better.

I have been privileged to study in two world's most powerful economy; in United States and in China and the experience is the same; quite profound. I always look back at where I have come from, three years of being away from family and my job and ask myself whether I made the right decision and the answer to this question I would say lies in what the future holds for me. Despite few challenges and good experiences cherished around I want look back in future and say yes I made it. My stay in China and time spend around was wonderful and quite 痐tful. Although it was only three years away from home, I feel as if the experience was so strange, stunning, and extraordinary that I can't actually plunk down and ingest it at the same time. In the event that I could disclose to anybody the manner in what I feel and how extraordinary my life is. Currently, I would state with unadulterated confirmation and certainty that considering studying abroad is an entire distinct advantage with global experience,and introducuon to various cultures, lt genuinely gives one an edge.

Life is always different abroad, but different in the best kind of way. Though homesick sometimes, stress, anxiety here and there, I can confidently confess China was full of positivity. Overall, my experience in China was something that I doubt I could ever recreate. I formed friendships which I believe will last beyond China. The people I have met in China and places have visited around through MOFCOM trips under leadership of ISO are memories I will treasure for a long time. Special thanks to my supervisor, Prof. Chen Zhixia, Dr. Charles, Coco, Maria, Rainie, Zoe and the entire HUST fraternity. Long live to you all, long live HUST.

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