Jan 7, 2022

Throughout life people experience so many hardships.  Whether it be good or bad there is always something that comes out of the situation. One of the most exciting but yet scariest events would be earning my Ph.D. from  Huazhong  University of Science and Technology  (HUST),  China. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve that goal. In the long run, it opens a  lot of opportunities for my career success. I can still remember September  2015  like it was yesterday, I was happy and nervous when I arrived at HUST  for the first time. Yes, it was a gorgeous day whereas the rays of sun flittered through my mini blinds blinding me as if I hadn't seen light for days.

My life at HUST has taught me educational accountability, kindness, humble and experience that most  University students could dream of. I greatly value the intellectual guidance, valuable comments, incisive and constructive ideas, and conducive educational environment  I got from all professors, staff and colleagues "You will always remain in my remembrance". HUST taught me that hardworking,  responsibility, and goal's commitment are valuable assets for my future carrier development. I am looking forward to embrace what I got since I have important tools and determination to excel in stimulating and challenging the targeted environment.

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