Jan 7, 2022

The history of my academic life can never be complete without acknowledging the numerous exciting experience I acquired at Huazhong University of Science and technology which will ever remain green in my memories.

I cannot forget to mention my first day on campus, I was overwhelmed with joy by the hospitality of both the staff and students of our university; honestly, I received a warm welcome. I made tons of amazing friends among my fellow students, some of which become my very close friends and we spend countless pleasant moments not only in classrooms but in other side of life. We, the new students, were shown some important places on campus, such as our lecture halls in the Public Administration Building, that later turned to be like second home for us. Knowing my task tackling and tireless supervisor, Professor Zhang Yi was the most advantageous memory I ever had. He has been mentoring, encouraging, assisting and supporting me at all stages of my PhD program. During my entire PhD program, he has been the pillar in my research. His knowledge, teaching style, helping attitude, sincerity and encouragement helped me not only in all aspect of my PhD but also in developing professional attitude in a disciplined manner. With unalloyed gratitude, I will ever remain indebted to him. Sincerely, working with this intellectual humble humanitarian supervisor will always remain green in my memories. I must mention that I had good memories with the staff of College of Public Administration, which I will never forget in my life. During my PhD program, Maria, Rainie, Zoe and others helped me enormously during the course of the degree program. All these memories are valuable and important in my career path.

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