• Li Jing

  • Professor
  • Phone:86-27-87543047
  • E-mail:lijing.99@mail.hust.edu.cn; jl_sz@163.com
  • Academic Areas:Land Management
  • Research Interests:Public Policy, City Management, Land System and Policy, Energy Efficiency Policies, Environmental Policy Real Estate Economics and Policy, Government Office Management

Academic Degrees

Ph.D, 2006, School of Management, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China;

Master, 1999, School of Management, Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics, China;  

Bachelor, 1996, School of Economics, Xia'men Unviersity, China.

Professional Experience

Professor (2020-present); College of Public Administration, Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

Associate Professor (2009-2019); College of Public Administration, Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

Visiting Scholar (2011-2012); Department of Economics, University of Washington,

Lecturer (2006-2008); College of Public Administration, Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

Financial Management (1999-2002); Agriculture Bank of China Shenzhen Branch;

Selected Publications

· 1."The Optimization of Commercial Credit Portfolio." [J] Statistics and Strategy, 200511

· 2."Insufficient Institution Provision and Development of Building Energy Saving Market" [J] Chinese Public Administrative, 2007(12)

· 3."The Risk Appraisal and Hedge Strategy of State-Funded Scholarship." [J] Research in Higher Education of Engineering, 2006(02)

· 4."Energy Conservation Policy for Residential Buildings in France." [J]. Chinese Real Estate ,2007(11)

· 5."Financing obstacles and strategy of Reconstruction of the Existing Buildings For Energy Saving " [J].Construction Economics, 2007(12)

· 6."The Validity of Social Capital, Credibility, and Economic Development." [J].Statistics and Strategy, 2008(02)

· 7."Problems of Dual Principal-agent Relationships in Land Requisition in China." [J]. China Land Science, 2009, 23(10)

· 8."The Conflict and Coordinate Mechanism of Collective Member Right and Land Contracting Usufruct: Comparison between in the state of stable Landownership and Unstable Landownership--Case study Of theTwice Distributions of Land Expropriation Compensation in the Eighth Group of Xishui Village”[J]. China Rural Survey, 2011, (2)

· 9."Rural Land lease Pricing Mechanism on Buyers' Market”[J].China Rural Economics,2011(4)

· 10."Rational Compensation for rural land acquisition from property rights aspacted”[J].China Real Estate ,2012(16)

· 11."The study on dynamic effects of fiscal spending on agriculture rural labor transfer" [J]. Inquiry into Economic Issues,2013(2)

· 12."The comparative analysis on English version of Chinese multinational corporate social responsibility report" [J]. Practice in Foreign Economic Relations and Trade,2013(11)

· 13."Analysis of Wuhan Real Estate Ecosystem Health Condition——based on PSR model" [J]. China Real Estate, 2014(08)

· 14."Buyer's market, the conflict of farmland property right and the dilemma of large-scale farmland transfer: A case study of Zihu Village, Wuhe County, Anhui Province" [J]. Rural Economy, 2014(06)

· 15."The Selection of Urban Land Use Transformation Path——based on the "Three Old Reform" in Guangzhou" [J]. China Real Estate, 2015(03)

· 16."Influences on the city residents' non- economic welfare by city land expansion:taking Wuhan City for example" [J]. Urban Problems 2015(02)

· 17."Rural Land Sharing Cooperatives: Transaction Costs, Capture Value and Performance Growth: Take Shuangsheng Village, Jilin Province for Example" [J]. China Land Science, 2015(02)

· 18."Capital Inflow in Village, Property Evolution and Farmland Transfer Conflict" [J]. China Land Science, 2015(08)

· 19."Research of Land Use Change Based on Location Entropy Decomposition Model and Lorenz Curves in Wuhan City" [J]. China Real Estate, 2016(09)

· 20."The Effect of Land Finance on the Supply of Non-economic Public Goods in Cities——An Empirical Study Based on Data From 2002 To 2013 in Wuhan City" [J]. Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Social Science Edition) , 2016(05)

· 21."The Conflict Mechanism of Interest Subjects of Facilities Farmland Transfer under Expected Land Acquisition: Take Lianmeng Village, Jilin Province as an Example" [J]. China Land Science, 2016(01)

· 22."Measuring of Urban Land Use Efficiency and Its Dynamic Development in China" [J]. Economic Geography, 2017(08)

· 23.Financial Management in Real Estate Operating, Wuhan: Huazhong University of Science. & Technology. Press, 2005

· 24.Land Policy research in ASEAN countries, Wuhan: Huazhong University of Science. & Technology. Press, 2019


· Second prize in the school's young teachers' teaching competition

· Third prize of Scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province

· Second Prize of Teaching quality

· First prize of Project Achievement of National Government Offices Administration

Courses Taught

· Accounting & Financial Management

· Finance andTaxation

· Selected Readings from the Classics

· Land Economics(Master)

· Frontier of Land Economic Management(Ph.D)


High quality land use in megacities: from the perspective of land use promoting urban space release (funded by Development Research Center of Shenzhen Municipal Government)

Study on centralized and unified Administration of Government offices affairs in Wuhan (funded by Wuhan Government Offices Affairs Bureau)

Study on the emergency support system for Government Offices under major Emergencies: a case study of Wuhan city under COVID-19 (funded by Wuhan Government Offices Affairs Bureau)

The Dilemma and mode of Existing Building Reconstruction for Energy Saving (funded by The Social Science Foundation of the Wuhan Municipal Government)

Financial Mechanism of Existing Building Reconstruction for Energy Saving (launched and funded by the Ministry of Chinese Housing and Construction)

The Analysis of Building Energy Consumption and Financing Mechanism for Large Public Facilities and Government Office Buildings (funded by Hubei Provincial Housing and Rural-Urban Construction Bureau)

The Strategy of Recyclable Economic Development in the Eastern Area of Wuhan (funded by Wuhan Urban Planning Academy)

Housing Security Strategy Based on Citizen Savings (funded by Hubei Provincial Housing and Rural-Urban Construction Bureau)

The Framework of the Incentive Policy for Building Energy Efficiency in Wuhan (funded by the Construction Community of the Municipal Government of Wuhan)


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