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Brief Introduction

Shuhua Zhong is a Level-2 professor, PhD and master supervisor, director of Academic Committee of College of Public Administration, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He is an expert receiving "Special Government Allowance of The State Council of China", and the vice president of Hubei Science of Science and Science and Technology Policy Association.

Professor Zhong has hosted four National Social Science Fund projects, two major soft science research projects of the Ministry of Education, one key science and technology project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and a number of provincial and ministerial projects. He has published more than 300 academic papers on journals such as Science Research Management, China Soft Science, Forum on Science and Technology in China. He has also published 19 books such as The Management of Science Parks and Technology Alliances of Chinese Enterprises.

“The Theory of Whole Nation System for Science and Technology” proposed by Professor Zhong was adopted by the state and applied to the management of major national science and technology projects. Other research findings on consulting market cultivation, enterprise technology alliance, university science and technology park construction, ecological industrial park construction, enterprise acceleration network and other aspects were adopted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the National office of Science and Technology Awards, and the Hubei Provincial Government.

Academic Degrees


Master of Philosophy, Institute of Dialectics of Nature and Natural   Science History

(Now Department of Philosophy), East China Normal University,   Shanghai, China


Bachelor of Science, Department of Geography, Guizhou   Normal University, Guiyang, China

Professional Experience

Professor; College of Public Administration, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

· [1] Yang, Qing & Zhong, Shuhua. A review of foreign literature on the development and evolution trends of virtual reality technology. Journal of Dialectics of Nature,2021,43(03):97-106.

· [2] Shen, Jie , Zhong, Shuhua & Liu, Ting. Regional innovation resources agglomeration and regional innovation-driven growth in the perspective of smart specialization. Science & Technology Progress and Policy,2020,37(08):34-43.

· [3] Shen, Jie & Zhong, Shuhua. A review of the research on “smart specialization strategy” abroad. Science Research Management,2019,40(09):48-56.

· [4] Hu, Jinxiu & Zhong, Shuhua. A review on the evaluation on the development of new generation of information technology industry. Scientific Management Reserach,2019,37(04):57-62.

· [5] Zhang, Yun & Zhong, Shuhua. A prospective analysis on tailoring effective regional innovation policy. Forum on Science and Technology in China,2019(09):25-33.

· [6] Zhong, Shuhua & Wang, Lin. Research on “regional innovation development”. Scientific Management Research,2018,36(02):51-53+57.

· [7] Li, Yueya & Zhong, Shuhua. A literature review of the development of smart specialization abroad. Journal of Dialectics of Nature,2018,40(12):85-93.

· [8] Ming, Cuiqin & Zhong, Shuhua. Green growth evaluation indicator system for China tourist industry. Resource Development & Market,2017,33(02):249-252.

· [9] Zheng, Dailiang & Zhong, Shuhua. Status quo, problems and countermeasures of Chinese high level talents policy. Science Research Management,2012,33(09):130-137.

· [10] Wang, Futao & Zhong, Shuhua. Research on the evolutionary dynamic and emergence mechanism of innovation clusters. Science of Science and Management of S.& T.,2009,30(08):72-77.

· [11] Zhong, Shuhua. On whole-nation system for science and technology. Studies in Science of science,2009,27(12):1785-1792.

· [12] Zhong, Shuhua. Innovation cluster: Concept, characteristics and theoretical significance. Studies in Science of Science,2008(01):178-184.

· [13] Zhong, Shuhua. Industrial ecology and ecological industrial parks. Science and Technology Management,2003(01):58-60.

· [14] Zhong, Shuhua. Current analysis on the technical alliance of enterprises in China. Science Research Management,2000(04):51-55.

· [15] Zhong, Shuhua. Technology alliances: Type, benefit and cost analysis. Science of Science and Management of S.& T.,1998, 19(08):25-27.

· etc.……


· 2021 Wuhan CPPCC. "Specially appointed Think Tank Expert"

· 2021 The People’s Government of Hubei Province. “Hubei Development Research Awards (First Prize)”.

· 2016 Huazhong University of Science and Technology. “Excellent Communist Party Member”.

· 2014 The journal of Science & Technology Progress and Policy. “Most Influential Author”.

· 2012 Ministry of Science and Technology. “China Torch Entrepreneurship Mentor”.

· 2009 Huazhong University of Science and Technology. “My Favorite Teacher”.

· 2006 Huazhong University of Science and Technology. “Advanced Individual of Teacher Virtue and morality”.

· 2004 The State Council of China. “Special Government Allowance of The State Council of China”.

· 2003 Department of Human Resource and Social Security of Hubei Province. “New Century High-level Talents Project of Hubei Province”.

· 1998 Ministry of Education. “Social Science Outstanding Achievement (Third Prize)”.

· etc.……

Courses Taught

· Dialectics of Nature

· Sociology of Science

· Theory and Practice of High-tech Park

· Science and Technology Policy and Management

· etc.……


· National Social Science Foundation of China09BJYO81, Research on the Evaluation of Innovation Cluster, 2009

· National Social Science Foundation of China02BJY033, Research on the Eco-industrial Park, 2002

· National Social Science Foundation of China99BJYO72, Research on Technology Alliance and development Policy of Chinese Enterprises, 1999

· National Social Science Foundation of China96BJBO26, Research on the Cultivation and Management of Consulting Market in China, 1996

· etc.……


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