• Chen He

  • Professor
  • Phone: 86-27-87559343
  • Academic Areas:Economics & Law
  • Research Interests:Public Economics and Policy; Administrative Law

Academic Degrees

· PhD in Economics, 2001, School of Economics & Management , Wuhan University

· Master in Economics, 1998, School of Economics & Management ,Wuhan University

· BA in Economics, 1995, School of Economics & Management ,Wuhan University; Minor in Law,1995, School of Law, Wuhan University

Professional Experience

· SPA of HUST, Professor (2012-present);

· Communication Dept. of Stanford University, Visiting Scholar (2016);

· SPA of HUST, Associate Professor (2004-2012);

· Geography Dept. of UCLA, Visiting Post-doctor (2007-2008);

· SPA of HUST, Assistant Professor (2002-2004);

· Changjiang Securities Co., Researcher (2001-2002)

Selected Publications

· Papers:

· 1. Chen He, Zeng Yilin. The Concept, Causes and Prevention of Internet Rumors Involving Officials. E-government,2014(10)

· 2. Chen He, Han Jincheng, Wang Jiancheng. Research in Emergency Communication of WeChat of Public Security Administration in Background of Major Emergencies. E-government,2014(9)

· 3. Chen He, Han Jincheng. On Reaction to Micro-blog Public Opinions of Urban Drinking Water Pollution Incidents. Journal of Intelligence, 2014(9)

· 4. Chen He, Wang Yunheng. Research in Customer Knowledge Management Model Based on Data Mining. Hubei Social Sciences, 2013(5)

· 5. Chen He, Yu Siyun. Analysis on the Influencing Factors of College Students' Independent Entrepreneurship in Wuhan. Hubei Social Sciences, 2013(2)

· 6. Chen He, Ling Jing. 3S Lady Phenomenon- Analyzed from the Angle of Economics. China Youth Study, 2012(6)

· Books:

· 1. Chen He. Case Course of Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law (Second Edition).  Wuhan: Press of HUST, 2019

· 2. Chen He. Leadership image.  Wuhan: Press of HUST, 2018

· 3. Chen He. Climate Crisis and Chinese Strategy. Beijing: People Press,2010

· 4. Chen He. On International Economical Relations. Wuhan: Press of HUST, 2005

Awards and Honors

· 2018, Title of Distinguished Professor, Huazhong University of Science&Technology

· 2018, First Rank in Teaching Quality Appraisement, Huazhong University of Science&Technology

· 2012, Distinguished Younger Teacher Achievement Award,The teachers' unions in hubei province

· 2012, First Prize in Younger Teacher’s Teaching Competition , The teachers' unions in hubei province

· 2012, Teaching achievement first prize,Huazhong University of Science&Technology (list 2nd)

· 2012, Teaching achievement 2nd prize,Huazhong University of Science&Technology

· 2011, Excellent thesis first prize, Supervisory institute in hubei province

· 2009, First Rank in Teaching Quality Appraisement, Huazhong University of Science&Technology

· 2009, Excellent research achievement, Degree and postgraduate education society of China

· 2003, First Prize in Younger Teachers Teaching Competition , Huazhong University of Science&Technology

Courses Taught

· Administrative Law

· Public Economics

· Civil Service System and Civil Service Selection


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