Alumni of the School of Public Administration, Brazil: Sharing Wuhan's anti-epidemic experience with the world

Jun 24, 2021

Recently, Globoplay, a media company under the Brazilian broadcasting giant Globo, launched a series of documentaries "A Corrida Das Vacinas (Vaccine Competition)", which aroused widespread attention and enthusiastic response. The fifth episode of the documentary specifically introduced the city of Wuhan after the successful fight against the epidemic, the citizens began to get vaccinated and gradually returned to normal life.

In order to show the current life in Wuhan, Globoplay contacted Ren Tu, a Ph.D. graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, to shoot. Ren Tu is a Brazilian who has studied and worked in Wuhan for ten years. He studied in the School of Public Administration of our school with a master's degree and doctoral degree. After graduation, Ren Tu chose to stay in Wuhan for development and worked in Wuhan Hansheng Guanghua Cultural Education Investment Co., Ltd. as the head of overseas business.

On June 20, Ren Tu accepted an online interview with the correspondent of the Press Center of the School of Public Administration, expressing his views on China's fight against the new crown epidemic. He said that the fight against the new crown epidemic has demonstrated the strong leadership and ruling power of the Communist Party of China, as well as the great cohesion of the Chinese nation. China has always put people's lives and health first, and the current vaccination work is also advancing rapidly and effectively, with amazing speed and results. At the same time, the Chinese people are also very supportive and cooperative in the fight against the epidemic, insisting on wearing masks and scanning codes to enter and exit public places. He said that China’s experience in many areas is worth learning from abroad. The Chinese Communist Party and the government’s emphasis on people’s lives, the intensity and mobilization capabilities of epidemic prevention and control, and the speed of economic recovery are all leading the world.

Wuhan is the center of the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and Ren Tu has deep feelings for the city of Wuhan. He said that Wuhan is an important central city in the central region. It has huge development potential, is highly internationalized, and is quite tolerant of different ideas and creativity. There are many universities and the Wuhan city circle intercity railway makes transportation very convenient. Wuhan has achieved world-renowned achievements in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and the economy is recovering rapidly. These show the development and governance capabilities of the city of Wuhan. He believes that staying in Wuhan to develop a career is a very correct choice.

"I believe we can show the world that it is completely hopeful to defeat the virus and return to normal life," Ren Tu said in the documentary series. As a foreigner in Wuhan, Ren Tu feels at ease working and living in Wuhan. He hopes to pass on China's experience to the world and overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.

The interview video in the documentary was filmed with the assistance of the Foreign Language Channel of Wuhan Radio and Television Station. The video was released on the official account of "Wuhan Radio and Television Station" at

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